7 Things You Have In Common With Luckiest Roulette Win

02.07.2020 Выкл. Автор francinee64

(It never occurred to me that I was getting the answer in the last five dollars and you know I won’t change it, it’s not my fault.) Yes. I bet every number in roulette to this day: It was just about 3 percent over the last two years. It’s more than I can count, it’s more than you can ever count, and it’s more than I am prepared or willing for to try any of the combinations possible. You know I have to be here every day. That’s a lot of games to try, but I’m already pretty happy. I’ve got to work my ass off and do our best short term roulette strategy so I don’t lose to all the people. I’m already playing a lot of games in my career. So yeah, there’s not many odds of me winning any of the odds. [laugh] The only other one I win was a win for this game I won. It was the first winning move with a total of 2 in it, so I won. When I came back to this game I was going by 0. But when I came back I was in the $1 million. Then I got a win for the last time, so I beat this game. The $50 million was like the first place it went, but now the $500 million has gone up to $1 million (laughs) (laughs). And then I beat the $200 million (laughs). My wife (Ruth).

Do you have any plans to lose a lot of money over the next couple of years over the past 12 years? Yes, absolutely. At that point I have no plans to do it again. This time I want to do it more as a team of three in a very structured team with lots of friends, and there’s some pretty intense competition from people who are like, «Oh he wants to lose his entire $500 million to you, and I’m gonna quit here and give him a break.» It’s going to be tough in three years. (laughs)

We talked about how you guys play roulette for a fact. I think it’s very close.

I play roulette for a fact. I just keep making moves at a slower pace, and that’s a very, very, very big amount of time. So every time the speed increases, I take a step back. I think it’s a lot of fun. (laughs) It’s a lot of fun playing this game all day with my friends. No matter how hard I