Awarded Nobel Prize For Physics 1922

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Paul Dirac (1902-1984) English physicist — One of the early exponents of quantum physics and quantum electrodynamics. Dirac developed theories of the electron and the particular theory of relativity. Rosalind Franklin (1920 — 1958) British Chemist who made vital contributions to understanding the construction of DNA and RNA, which led to the discovery of the DNA double helix. Franklin also worked on the chemistry of coal and viruses. James Watson (1928 — ) American molecular biologist, geneticist and zoologist, with Francis Crick found DNA. Stephen Hawking (1942 — 2018) English theoretical physicist, cosmologist.

The flood disaster of 2006-2007 was thought-about the costliest flood in Malaysian history with a complete price of RM 1.5 billion. In China the annual financial value of extreme weather has soared to 244 billion Renminbi. The horror of those losses over the last few months have but to be assessed and the sum total may very well be humungous. Awareness of the perils of pure disasters ought to result in action for disaster preparedness. Nature has given us all the signals and we should have analysed the rising patterns and put together ourselves.

There are 50 names for Planet X. «The Destroyer» is the newest title from New Zealand. Father Malachi Martin worked in and around the highest echelons of the Catholic Church, had an ear to the pope, and held three doctorates. He defined in 1997 that the celestial body approaching us will cause millions to perish during its passage in 5-10 years.

If solely Subba Rao had lived a few years more, he would have killed some more diseases. A trio of scientists reworked the twentieth century by inventing the transistor. To prime it, a scientist who was not allowed to go on a vacation invented the microchip. New York Times reversed its ridicule ladled out on a rocket scientist after forty years solely after man landed on the moon. A school trainer testified in the court to save lots of his previous scholar, Fansworth for his rightful invention, the tv.