Driving Licence (film)

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The brand new Indian Express. Vetticad, Anna M. M. (22 December 2019). «Driving Licence movie evaluation: Prithviraj is terrific in a captivating drama on satisfaction and pettiness, fandom and fury». Ajith (21 December 2019). «Driving License film evaluate: An fascinating experience from Prithvi-Suraj». Moviebuzz (21 December 2019). «Review : Driving Licence evaluation: A superb journey that’s engaging (2019)». Sify. R., Manoj Kumar (21 December 2019). «Driving Licence film evaluate: An interesting watch». Antony, Deepa (21 December 2019). «Driving License Movie Review: A hilarious no-brainer». The Times of India. Cris (21 December 2019). «‘Driving License’ evaluation: Prithviraj and Suraj play the star-fan roles admirably well».

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