How to get sex with mature woman

28.02.2020 Выкл. Автор trevorschreffler

Firstly, if you want to get acquainted (I don’t speak about sex at all yet) to establish a woman much older than you, be simple what you are.
They (thanks to their life experience) feel false for a mile away!

Secondly, she does not care what adventures you had on the street, at discos, in fights, for her this is all the passed stage. And, the only reason she can ask you about these things is all that you show yourself in the process of a long or «fascinating» story. She will listen to you and. perhaps smile, but believe me — for her it will be babble.

Thirdly, do not brag and do not list your exes, because in comparison with her life experience (and with it huge), your life experience will be the experience of a young boy.
A simple example: If she asks you about your experience with girls or women, smile modestly but meaningfully, and say something unobtrusive, they say, «of course they were, but a little» … Remember that she is at least several times older than you tens of years, but still a woman, which means she’ll figure out what she needs (unfortunately, she’ll also think of something inappropriately).

Fourthly, if you want to truly look worthy in her eyes, speak little about the case, or on the topic — depending on the situation. Show your true nature if you are a romantic (only without fanaticism, that is, in romantic conversations do not fly away «into the wilds»).

Fifthly, do not show your ambition and especially your character, then you will be an unbalanced child in her eyes, and this will be a minus to you.

Sixth, ask unobtrusively, but if you stand your ground, show your strengths — they also love it, be gentle to them, sometimes, oh, how not enough.

In short, the older you show yourself, the better, only everything should be natural. Otherwise she’s saying that you are being cunning.
How to do it? Very simply, remember your father (or another man you were ever proud of — my uncle is an authoritative person), how he behaved at home, on the street with people, and try to behave like an adult. Show that you are a serious person, and not some kind of party-goer, no talk about fights, drugs, slander, and nothing like: «Damn so thumped with the guys yesterday, so weird,» or something like that.

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