If Tomorrow Never Comes

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This is not a brand new concept; Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, fedrelandspartiet.no Nietzsche, Homer and Leibniz say this by means of both their hypocrisy or understanding. The Bible even says this through its own phrases. Since we look at the optimistic aspect of life, we should always acknowledge the damaging: what not to do in life. What is missing in each story in the Bible?

She couldn’t overlook her guilt both and ended up drinking herself to demise too. In the end, they ended up together within the after life. I also have three examples of drinking to have a very good time. They are «Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall off» by Joe Nichols, «Beer Run» by Garth Brooks, and «Keg in the Closet» by Kenny Chesney.

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