Plastic Comb Binding — An Introduction

13.05.2020 Выкл. Автор kandyd80628

One of the most common binding methods used by individuals and business around the world is plastic comb binding. Also known as GBC Binding or Ibico Binding, plastic comb binding can be used to bind many different types of documents including reports, presentations, reference and educational materials, cookbooks, calendars, and more. Many different sizes of materials can be bound, from small personal documents to large-format professional materials such as engineering plans. Best of all, this binding style can easily give your documents a professional look at a low cost, while providing a variety of other advantages. Keep reading for a quick introduction to comb-binding including its benefits, costs, and what’s needed to get started. Plastic comb binding comes with many benefits, especially when compared with other types of binding (wire binding, laptop cũ hải phòng etc.). First, plastic combs can be personalized with your company’s name and logo and/or the document’s title. This can help establish your brand identity and build company recognition. Combs also allow a document to lie flat, making it easy to read and photocopy. Also, comb-bound documents are easy to edit. In seconds, pages can be added or removed as necessary using your binding machine. And the combs themselves come in a wide array of colors and finishes, from Black and White to more colorful options such as Royal Blue, Maroon, and Hunter Green. Specialty colors are also available including Steel Blue Gel, Black Matte, and Clear Frost. With such a wide variety of colors available, you can be sure your document will have the visual emphasis you want.

Plastic comb-binding machines are easy to learn how to use and can contain either electric or manual punching mechanisms. Inexpensive machines can punch only a few sheets at a time, but they can be a good choice for an individual or small business looking for a cost-effective binding solution. Meanwhile, electric comb binding machines can punch 20 or more sheets at once, making it the ideal choice for a company with a high-volume output. Other factors to consider when purchasing a comb binding machine include the following:

Can the machine be used for other types of binding (i.e. wire binding), if necessary?

Does the unit have disengageable dies so users can bind odd-sized documents? Can users adjust the depth of punch margin controls?

Is there a built-in comb opener? (The majority of manual comb binding machines have these; many electric binders do not.)
Finally, there’s the bottom line. Plastic comb binding can be inexpensive, with small manual binding machines retailing for as little as $50, plus the cost of materials. These are good for small business or personal use. However, the majority of manual binding machines are in the $250-500 range (and thus, have features that justify the increase in price), while most electric models often cost between $1,200-2,000. On the farthest end of the spectrum are large interchangeable die punch machines, which can fetch more than $5,000.

As this article has pointed out, plastic comb binding can provide a business or individual with many benefits, namely the ability to easily produce professional-looking documents. However, the best way to find out what comb binding can do for you is to actually try it yourself.