Platinum OG Marijuana Strain Information

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Apothecary Genetics named their pressure Platinum OG for the silver sheen that coats the lime inexperienced of those buds. The mom of this strain is a clone solely strain sometimes referred to as Platinum OG but more often called Platinum Kush or Platinum OG Kush. She is most definitely composed of Master Kush and a landrace Afghanistan Indica, though some say it’s Master Kush and Mendo Purps. The father is Apothecary Genetics favorite OG Kush Male. Platinum OG has reportedly been examined to have a THC vary between 17 and 24 %. Platinum OG’s results tend to start out out excessive, elevating and easing the mind, however they quickly turn low typically having a sedative impact on users and should be used with caution. Because of this it makes nice night time time medicine for depression, stress and anxiety. The narcotic-like physique buzz may also treat chronic ache, muscle spasms and insomnia. It may also assist alleviate migraines and the consequences of other mood disorders. The taste of this pressure might have customers pondering they just bit into a pine cone. It may be grown each inside and outdoors. Platinum OG flowers for round nine weeks, usually being prepared outdoors by the primary of October. It isn’t keenest on temperature changes but when grown correctly can produce between 200 and 350 grams per square meter.

Available all through a number of dispensaries in California, you may be fortunate enough to stumble throughout this distinctive OG Kush phenotype, popularly known as Platinum OG. Although the genetics are vague and unconfirmed from the source, it’s believed that the Platinum OG strain stems from the mix of Master Kush, OG Kush, and an unknown third pressure — (some imagine the Purps strain). None the much less, it is a cannabis strain you will want to attempt. «Considered one of many heaviest strains accessible to patients, Platinum OG is right for patients affected by insomnia. 1 in its genetics, it can be incorrect to categorise the Platinum OG strain as a 100% Indica strain when we know there is a few Sativa hidden deep in its lineage. This is a good thing, because (at the least for me) it helped provide a calm spaciness/fogginess of the mind, that really helps manage and end migraines. Each hit from the DaVinci Portable Vaporizer supplies a smooth, vapor with amazing style just like most Kush strains. However, Platinum OG buds have a way more candy and sugary aroma and taste than most different OG Kush phenotypes. This softness of the smoke, coupled with the piney earth undertones of ocean grown kush will have you excited and reaching for the bowl or vaporizer for the subsequent hit. If it doesn’t, your batch of Platinum OG was in all probability grown incorrectly!

Blackberry Kush’s mysterious nature doesn’t cease any users from making an attempt it, though. The pressure is said to be simple and profitable to grow each indoors and outdoors. For newbie growers trying to domesticate a money crop, it is suggested to grow Blueberry Kush seeds indoors. The pressure is considered comparatively easy to develop and usually produces larger yields. When grown indoors, growers can anticipate near 450 grams per square meter from Blueberry Kush plants. The strain can produce impressive plants and yields when cultivated exterior by experienced growers. Some have claimed that they’ll produce approximately two pounds per plant. The strain naturally resists molds and mildews but could be plagued by botrytis, a necrotrophic fungus, and spider mites. Blackberry Kush plants usually are not often topped, and it is instructed to adopt aggressive lateral branching techniques for finest flowering results. When grown indoors, it takes Blackberry Kush about 65 to 75 days to flower. If grown outdoors, it makes the pressure a barely shorter time period of 60 to 65 day to bloom.

These qualities manifest as a sluggish, sinking feeling of relaxation which will inspired previously lively smokers to lounge in the closest comfortable surroundings. This sedation is unlikely to result in sofa lock, but it’s a peaceful strategy to unwind with a soothing movie or with some trippy, atmospheric music. Alternatively, Jolly Rancher’ relaxed and open-minded vibes can facilitate camaraderie and free-flowing dialog when shared with like-minded friends. Best consumed in the course of the daytime via late afternoon, Jolly Rancher is a superb wake-and-bake deal with. Despite its playful identify, Jolly Rancher will also be of value to medical cannabis patients. The bud’s lucid, clear-eyed focus is usually a boon to those with attention deficit disorders. Mood-elevating effects may quickly improve the signs of stress and depression. Meanwhile, Jolly Rancher’s bodily numbing properties can alleviate all sorts of aches and pains, whether or not temporary or chronic. Patients who are vulnerable to panic and anxiety or who’ve a low tolerance for THC ought to eat Jolly Rancher with warning, as its cerebral results could show overwhelming for some.