Top 20 Strawberry Shortcake Strain

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The Runtz punch breath strain’s lineage basically only suggests that caryophyllene must be the most dominant terp in any cross of it. Having linalool come to the highest of the terpene pile suggests not solely a sweeter and more candy-like style but in addition more sedative results. It also means that the pressure may, in fact, be a distinct Runtz phenotype with a stronger Zkittlez presence.

And thus, The M.A.C. The MAC blooms flowers which can be far from a basic in construction. The dense, irregularly shaped buds can take on several colors from purple to blue to green, purple, yellow and orange and plenty of nugs could have splashes of them all. Whatever the shade, it is going to seem pale when reflecting light due to a heavy dusting of trichromes most closely concentrated on the tip of the cola. Take a deep whiff, and you’ll be sent back to summer time days of childhood with the unmistakable scent of an orange creamsicle with a contact of musk.